Matric Farewell Photography​

Matric Farewell Photography in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Centurion, Limpopo. Unique, Glamourous, Natural and Elegant matric dance Photo Ideas

What dress will I wear? Who will be my date? Makeup? 

Let us worry about taking the perfect picture while you relax and go turn some heads!  

The excitement before going off to the matric dance is palpable. Everyone is complimenting each other. 

A matric dance is such a special time in a young girl’s life.  It’s probably the first time she’ll have her hair and make-up done professionally, put on a gorgeous dress and play model for a while.  On the other hand it also marks the transition from school girl to young adult.  Such exciting times!

The boys look a little nervous & girls acting very grown up after all it’s about having fun. 

Packages for Matric Farewell Photography

Surely you have been planning your matric dance for a few months now, although this is true have you considered booking your photographer yet?

Different from your wedding which is the start of the rest of your life, matric farewell photography indicates the start of your new life. It takes a little less planning than a wedding but all in all it a a very special day for every girl (and guys event if they don’t want to admit it).

We especially offer a variety of matric farewell photography packages that will suit your every need.  On this occasion you do not want to break the bank after all we need to save up for all those fun night out with friends. For that reason we have affordable packages.

Contact your photographer today to get your free non obligation quote

Whit this in mind is must be remembered that you are the most important person in the world at your matric dance. From time to time you get the opportunity to shine.

To sum up go and enjoy every moment!!!

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