Couples Photoshoot Ideas & Engagement Photography in Pretoria​

Couples Photoshoot Ideas & Photography in Gauteng, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Centurion, Limpopo, Couple Photo Shoot.

A couples shoot, love shoot, e-session, engagement shoot, call it what you want, they are relaxed, natural and most of all, loads of fun. An engagement session is basically like a date where I get to tag along! Seriously, they are a lot of fun! Once you’ve booked your session, we’ll start talking about the location.  

Some Couples Photoshoot Ideas
Couples Photoshoot ideas Guide

This is the perfect way to get to know yourself in front of the camera before your wedding. On the other hand it can also be just some great images of the two of you together celebrating your love or a Wedding Anniversary. 

Another thing on Couples Photoshoot ideas it is most important that you enjoy yourselves. Love each other unconditionally as tomorrow is not guaranteed 


Whats should we wear? You can wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. However given the fact that you want to blend together we will recommend matching colors.  

That being said you can wear a scarf that matches this shirt. Given these points neutral colors works best.  Without a doubt you will have a memorable experience.


What is the biggest question i get?

The biggest questions that I get on couples photography is about the posing. The first thing that I say is just show up and we will help you with poses. The thing is that nobody is born with knowing exactly where to put their hands, where to position their shoulders, and how to stand to look their best. The poses are pretty standard, so you will get the hang of it very quickly. And the reason we love engagement photo shoots is because during the engagement session you get a good grasp as to how to pose. On the day of your wedding you guys will be professionals at posing. 

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