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Basically just like branches we all grow in different directions. At the same time our roots remain the same. You will become like family to us and therefore we will share all these special moments with you. Family is such a vital part of what makes us human. Family Photoshoot Ideas brings so much joy and happiness in the most unexpected ways. 

It is important to realize we love making people feel comfortable in front of the lens.  What makes a good family photo? We’ll it’s basically, the photo should reflect YOU being a FAMILY! When was the last time you did a family photography session? Generally every shoot is important to us and we invest our time, skill and experience into ensuring that we create the best possible images.

Photoshoots Pretoria offer a fun family experience. In the fist place we involve everyone yes even Dad. After all it is a family affair. 

From the smallest to the largest families we will make all the memories last. Our basic Family Photoshoot ideas packages consist of a family of four members. Nevertheless you can still book a large family shoot. Additional charges apply for members more than four.  Do you want to book a photoshoot coupled with your four legged family? By all means lets do it. As long as you want to book a family shoot at least give us a shout. 

Whit this in mind we will be there every step of the way with attention to detail.

Frequently Asked Photography Questions

* When should we book the first family shoot? As soon as you meet your bundle of joy for the first time.

* What should we wear? By all means wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Matching shirts for the guys & girls always works well but at the same time you should love what you wear and how it makes you feel.

* Where is the shoot going to take place? In this situation we have different options available. Generally we do location shoots. You have the option to select a location of your choice or we will recommend a few different options. In the event that you want to book your family shoot and you are physically unable to reach any location we will come to you.

* Is there any age restrictions? To point out, there is NO age restrictions so all shapes, sizes and ages are welcome.

* How many photos will be receive? I believe that you have paid for your images which means you have the right to them and for this reason I do not limit the pictures your receive. On the other hand we will try to keep the duplicates to a minimum.

* Do you edit our family photos? As a matter of fact we do edit the images to make them print ready.

* How long before we will receive our photos? By the time we get home we start working on your family photography photos. Please keep in mind that it does take some time. After all I am only human. +-3-4 weeks. It is important to remember all albums will take longer to finish due to printing time. 


The first thing to remember every day is an opportunity to celebrate family! 

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If you do not see your area listed above do not worry as we travel across South Africa in order to capture those special moments. We will never miss a beat.